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FT8062 series Smart Moisture Monitor

publish time:2017-12-23 11:09:10


FT8062 serial smart moisture monitor is comprised of one electronic unita set of explosion-proof

housing and one rod/coaxial sensing element(or probe), those components can be connected in an integral configuration or a remote configuration. The monitor is mainly used for high dielectric constant content analysis in insulating material, such as water in oil analysis. 


》》》》Operation Principle


After the moisture monitor is installed in the field, it sets up a concentric circle capacitor between its probe and oil pipe, refer to following figure, one pole is the probe, the other is the pipe wall. According to the theory, the capacitance is


CCapacitance           Lactive probe length

 Aconstant coefficient     εDielectric constant of crude oil(or insulating material)

D2diameter of pipe wall   D1diameter of probe



Normally, dielectric constant of water K=80 but most K value in petroleum materials are around 2 to 2.9. As a result, the K value in crude oil will be increased tremendously along with the water molecule goes in, base on this feature, we could monitor the water content in oil through measuring the capacitances. 



                                       Capacitance variation along with water content  




Ø  Intrinsic safe design: two wire intrinsic safe design both for electronic unit and sensing element

Ø  Free maintenance: No period maintain or replacement needed as other paddlevibration or  

mechanical switches, the parts will not occur blockbroken or abrasion

Ø  Coating rejection: Driven-shield electronic design makes the instrument ignore the coating

affection on the vessel wall or sensing element, no period clean or re-calibration needed.

Ø  Reliable Service life: unique technology give the instrument over 15 years service period

Ø  Safety Protection: Built-in sensing element input protection avoid the instrument destroyed

under static energy/surge or electronic-chemical condition.

Ø  Reasonable SamplingThe design of putting probe insert into pipe directly measure the fluid sample give an accurate/reliable monitor result

Ø  Smart: Software data processing upgrade the accuracy to higher level, built-in self-diagnosis and custom liner correction function   

Ø  Communication: HART Protocol communication

Ø  Field calibration button: adjustable calibration button provides easy field calibration


》》》》Typical Application

Ø  Automatic oil well testing

Ø  SeparatorsDesalterelectric dewaterer etc.

Ø  Automatic transfer station in oil field

Ø  Dielectric constant analysis

Ø  Quality inspection of lubricating oil in turbin





Ø  Measuring rate of facility: CAT I, transient over voltage 1500V, only use the equipment for measurements within measurement category I

Ø  Output: 420mA HART protocol

Ø  Measuring TypeLevel(DIR) or Distance(REV) software adjustable

Ø  Power requirement:12~35VDC Communication requirements: 15~35VDC

Ø  Dissipation power: less than 0.5W

Ø  Accuracy Range   Accuracy

0-1%   0.03% moisture

0-5%   0.05% moisture

0-10%  0.2% moisture

0-50%  0.3% moisture

0-80%  0.3% moisture

Ø  Linearity: software adjustable 10-point nonlinearity correction (if necessary)

Ø  Temp. Effect: 0.25% / 10(18)

Ø  Load Resistance: 24VDC output loop resistance 600Ω

Ø  Ambient Temp.T5:-40­+70(-40158)T6:-40­+60(-40140)

(Effect of the process temperature on the environment temperature should not exceed the

environment temperature requirements of the instrument.)

Ø  Response Time: <1 second

Ø  Time Delay: 190 seconds (software adjustable)

Ø  Spark protection (for sensing element): anti-surge strike 1KV, anti-static 4KV/8KV

Ø  Radio protection(Built-in filter)instrument pass through 10V/m space electromagnetic field and

3V/m electromagnetic field current injection tests

Ø  Range:  0-1%    0-5%  0-10%    0-50% 0-80%only for heavy oil

Ø  Cable length5m197(standard)0.13.9)~50m1968.5)(optional),

50m1968.5)~ 100m3937(consult factory)

Ø  Electrical connectiondouble M20×1.5 (3/4” NPT optional ) 

Ø  Process connectionNPT Thread(standard, BSPT optional) , Flanges (optional)  

Ø  Housing Material:  Die casting aluminum epoxy coating

Ø  Ingress protectionIP67 

Ø  Explosion-proof ratingExia IIC T5/T6 Ga

Ø  ApprovalPCEC/NEPSI, for other approval please consult factory


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