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FT6002 Modem

publish time:2017-12-23 11:03:08



FT6002 Modem is used for HART protocol communication instruments. Itis USB port connection design, more suitable for current laptop.  

Following is FT6002 dimension, USB wire and loop wires.




FT6002Dimesion and connection wires


NOTEFT6002 is not allowed to be used into the hazard area.


》》》》FT6002 Wiring



》》》》FT6002 Troubleshooting


   FT6002 is designed to give years of unattended service, no regular maintenance or calibration is required. No special spare part is needed.


u  Possible problem/solution

Communication Error: Check the circuit wiring, make sure all connections are proper connected. If still not work, change to the other USB port if computer has.


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