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FT6001Capcation Box

publish time:2017-12-23 11:01:24


FT6001 C Box is a capacitance substitution device, which is used to simulate the actual level in the vessel as seen by the FIT capacitance probes of RF admittance level switch and continuous system. The FT6001 Capacitance box is used when easy level calibration or bench testing of electronic units is desired, makes calibration more effectively and smoothly.   


This product is comprised of one capacitance selector box and one three concentric-shielded cable. The unit has two ranges, which allows for simulation of large capacitance ranges and also allows for greater accuracy in the lower capacitance ranges.

It is also has a Knapsack option is available if needed.



》》》》Operation Principle

  The product is assembled with a tunable capacitor, a group of fixed value capacitors on a push button assembly and a range selector switch. Rocker switch divides the capacitance value in two range, when it is in “O” position,  it means capacitance in low range, which could select a capacitance value between 0 to 100 pF. When it is in ”I” position, that means capacitance in high range, which could select capacitance values from 0 to 99999pF. Since RF admittance and Potential Compensating technology use a driven shield technology, the C Box is internally shielded and a SHD terminal is added for the connection to the level product shield wire. This increases the stability of the C box and eliminates electrical interference. The product output capacitance is the capacitance between the PRB and GND terminals AND THE COAX CABLE.




Ø  Output capacitance:9pF~107pFlow spanincluding cable capacitance

25pF~100,000pFhigh spanincluding cable capacitance

Ø  Ambient Temp.   -40­+75℃(-40167)

Ø  Storage Temp.    -40­+85℃(-40185)

Ø  Accuracy Low range: over 10pF max. error <5pF( includes cable capacitance)

High range:  < 8000pF,  max error ≈ 25pF (includes cable capacitance),

8000pF~100000pF,  max. error <50pF (includes cable capacitance).

Ø  Repeatability    Max. error < 0.2 pF  when turning the fine-tune knob in the same direction

Ø               Adjustable range:  Low range: 0 100pF; High range: 0 100000pF

NOTE: When use this product in low range, the real capacitance should be display value +9pF, in high range should be display value+25pF.

Ø  Dimension:           155mm×90mm×80mm (6.1”×3.5”×3.1”)

Ø  Weight:           700g(1.5lb)

Ø  Cable length :      800mm(31.5”)

Ø  Safety:            Passive device, intrinsically safe when used with FIT products.

Ø  Option:             Knapsack option when ordering


Product Electronic Handbook Download
Product Electronic Handbook Download Future Product Electronic Handbook (21.7 MB)
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