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FT5002HART Transmitter Receiver

publish time:2017-12-23 10:59:20


》》》》 Specifications

Ø  Poweruse standard  85-265VAC power supplypower rating  10W

Ø  Input signalsingle  420mA & standard  HART protocol No verification below HART6.0version short frame addressinstrument support  1-2 equipment variables’ display/control

Ø  Digital IndicationDual channel  5 LED digital tube display 

Ø  Bar-graph IndicationDual channel 101 bit LED display

Ø  Alarm IndicationDual channel high /low LED displaylinkage with corresponding relays

Ø  Output signalIsolated two channel  420mA, built-in power supplyload resistance  600Ω

Ø  Output control signalDual relay SPDT outputs in each channel; contact rating: 250VAC1A inductive3A non-inductive

Ø  Basic error Digital display± 1 digit; Bar-graph display±1line ; specification error± 1 digit switching error± 1 digit 

Ø  Output accuracy0.1% of current output accuracy

Ø  Adjustable alarm setting in dual channel

Ø  Adjustable alarm hysteresis error

Ø  Current output in dual channel could be recalibrated, also with short circuit protection

Ø  Adjustable zero shifting setting in dual channel

Ø  Built in 24VDC power supply for field instrument  with current limitingthree-limiting voltage with short circuit protection

Ø  Process temp. 0+70

Ø  Process humidityrelative humidity5%90%

Ø  Installationpanel mounting160X80mm vertical; hole size: 152X72mm; dimension:(height ×width ×depth):160×80×90mm

Ø  EMCmeet  IEC613261997+A11998 standard requirements 


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