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FT5001 Passive Digital Meter

publish time:2017-12-23 10:56:56


 FT5001 serial passive digital meter is suitable for field indication of levelpressureflow etc standard process 420mA signal. Since the product adopts passive method so it could be used in most industrial or civil applications. There is no special requirement needed for installation compare to other instruments both in indoor or outdoor.  FT5001 serial passive digital meter is a general purpose display meter, composed of an electronic unit and an explosion-proof housing.



Input signal range3.622mA

Power Supplystandard  420mA loop power, automatic connect to the power supply, voltage drop less than 1.6V

Resolution0.1mV (standard 10Ωsampling resistance)


Ambient Temp. -10+75

Display type3 1/2 LCD, display width φ60 mm(2.36″)

Connectiondirectly connect into(in series) standard 4~20mA loop

Decimal point: Field selectable

Adjustable zero/span setting

Electrical connectiondouble M20×1.5

Ingress Protectionmeet IP66 or IP67 IEC60529:2001 Housing Protection classification

EMCmeet IEC613261997+A1: 1998 standard requirements



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